Saturday, January 24, 2009

When the boss away......

Ok so as most of you who really know me... know that it is hard for me to sit still and do nothing. Today was pretty much a day of leisure. I did go out in the shop for a bit this morning to pack up a few things for Canton. Yes it is that time again! This is the time of year that isn't that much is normally COLD!

But back to veggin was nice, but hard for me to do! Today was all about me....Stoney was at the firestation, so no one here to tell me what to do or how to do it! I watched the Miss America wasn't what I remember it being as a young little girl who always said she was going to be a part of that show one day! I always wanted to be a performer on the pageant, not a beauty queen! I finished my book..Nights in Rodanthe-it was a very good book...of course I cried! So now I am off to Amazon to find me another book to read...I have never really been a reader, but I have started to enjoy reading, when I take the time.

My schedule the next few weeks is going to be very busy...we go to Canton, come home for 2 days and leave for Oklahoma City..Affair of the Heart show, suppose to be a big one! Let's hope so...I need to make some money....I have a grandbaby nearly here!

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