Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Excitement in the Air!

I am starting this so I can keep everyone updated on the upcoming arrival of our First Grand daughter! Yes it is our first....and I am so terribly excited. The first thing I had to do was to decide what I wanted to be called....You see I don't want to be a Grandma or Granny...I just don't think it fits me. I had a Nana and a Mawmaw and the Nana part is good but I wanted something different. So I have a friend that her kids called their granny....Grancie....so I thought this was fitting for me! It has some Flair to it. Something a little different and unusual....I know Lauren will never be able to find birthday cards that says Grancie...But who cares about the name on a card!

Well I just told you that her name will be Lauren Michele Ellis....Can you believe the excitement when I found out she was being named after me! I honestly think that is one of the most precious honors that a person can be bestowed of. Once again I got more excited. Her due date is Feburary 27, 2009....which is her other grandmothers birthday. If she comes on the due date that will be 2 very special memories we will have. Being born on a grandmas birthday and being named after the other one! She is going to be a very special blessing to us. Scarlet is doing good and showing her pregnacy very well....she looks beautiful and has such a glow about her. I love to see her smile and laugh when talking about little Lauren. She likes to rub her belly and get her moving around and talk to her. I have felt her many times she has some strong punches that is for sure, though I am not sure if is her arms or legs. James is very excited and he too has a great big smile when talking about Lauren. We have been getting the nursery together and this too has been a lot of fun. I will post some pictures later of the room.

Well now lets talk about the shopping.......Oh my gosh! I can't seem to resist all the cute little girl things you can find. I get so overwhelmed that I just buy it all ! Stoney tells me I am going to have to go back to work if I don't quit buying so much...but I can't resist. I had this much fun with my precious little neice Mallory too. She is now 4 years old and I can't believe it. I think I have succeeded in persuading her to be a Girlie-girl. Of course I showed her all the sparkling things and she loved them. She is my carbon copy or so my sister says! What can I say...a girl likes things that sparkle and they should start young so they never forget. She is a special little girl to me, she was the first in our family.

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