Friday, January 9, 2009

Celebration Day!

So let me start by saying..."I'm a day late and a dollar short" I think that is how it is said. Yesterday, January 8..was a milestone in my life it is the day my oldest son James was born. He was born at 8:37 pm after a long day of hard labor trying to get him here. He just turned 26 and it seems like it was just yesterday. I can't believe he is going to be a parent himself.

This year he & Scarlet spent his birthday starting their birthing classes to get ready for the arrival of their little one! I am so proud of both of them, they are going to make terrific parents. I think they may be getting a little nervous about the upcoming arrival. They will never know life as they do right now, but the changes are all worth it.

Tonight I worked on the wall hangings that will be in Lauren's nursery...They are in a white frame and have a Giraffe, Elephant and Zebra on pink polka-dot fabric in each one. Each are out of the fabric of her bedding. We went earlier in the week to pick up the changing table, but wouldnt you know it Babies-r-us was out of it....James ordered it and should be in within a week or two. The nursery is coming together and looking really cute.

Scarlet had a shower last week given by her church, there were approx 40 or more people. She received so many gifts it took her 2 hours to open them...of course she took her time too...she doesn't like being center of attention. She got several handmade blankets and quilts..lots of clothes..piggy bank, blankets, books to read to Lauren...which they already do! She was so worried that there would not be enough clothes...but Lauren's closet is full. She got some of the cutest little church dresses and cardigan sweaters. They also got the swing delivered to their home. They are very fortunante to have the friends and family who love them.

Well...I think I am getting the hang of being a see I started out talking about James and his birthday and ended up bragging on Lauren!!!

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