Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day in history

Yesterday Stoney (aka Papaw) got my flat panel TV in service out in the shop...so now I can work and watch tv at the same time!

So being the person I am loving history and believing everyone should be patriotic, I decided to watch the Inauguration of Barack Obama...even though the real reason I watched was to see George and Laura in their final moments of office. I was out in the shop working and watching with tears...I don't know why I get so emotional when watching history in the making. Thank goodness I was alone...Stoney would have laughed at me and given me a hard time about it. The whole time I was watching GWB I was wondering what he was thinking...was it bittersweet or was he glad it was over...wondering if he was thinking how in the world is Obama going to do all he has promised! Who knows, but I know he is glad to be back in Texas..as he put it...It is good to be home! being a Texan we are glad to have him back! I wish him and Laura the best in their transition back into civilian life.

I hope everyone got to see this moment in history! We will see where we go from today forward.....catch ya later!

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