Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Preparing..what fun we are having!

Ok so this post is a few days overdue! We had a shower for my DIL Scarlet this past Sunday afternoon....she got so many things for little is really overwhelming. There were about 35 people at the shower, many friends and family. I couldn't believe the turn out we had. She got clothes, bedding items, wipe warmers, bibs, socks, several health kits, blankets, handmade shawls, did I mention more clothes. Erin, my youngest sons girlfriend made the cutest diaper cake. Also she got the pack-n-play,her travel system and her glider. She got so many things, and we are so appreciative. She couldn't believe it. Afterwards we went out to the house to start going through the gifts to see what she might have gotten duplicates of, that was fun because she let James open up each bag to see what was in it...he put the pack-n-play together, the travel system together and hung pictures on the wall...etc. He had a lot of FUN! They have a couples shower this Sat evening so it isn't over yet. This will make the 4th shower. They are very fortunate and they know it. She was out of school on Mon for MLK day, so she updated all of her registries. We are getting closer to the date and the excitment is building. I know it can't get here fast enough for Scarlet..and James too.

Oh one funny thing...Scarlet got up Monday and found Peanut (my grand cat) in the pack-n-play underneath the bassinet part, he was sleeping...needless to say, he got in trouble! He is very curious about all this stuff being brought into their house. He is used to being the only one...and he is a little spoiled, just like all our little four legged kids! Another funny...Jen and the kids went out to see them on Sun morning before the shower...Mallie kept telling us that she missed Lauren. In the car on the way back to the house Mallie said....The doctor needs to take Lauren out of Scarlets tummy...we got a kick out of that!

I had my first guest sleep in my guest room too! Jen & Truett slept in my new bed, Mallie slept with Uncle Stoney and I...he informed me last night that Mallie didn't give him much room in the KING size bed that night! She slept right up next to him.
However, she has to sleep with us...she is fascinated that our bed has water in it! I think she calls it the wave bed!!!

Well I have rambled on and on...and could even more, imagine that! Of course I always do when I get to talking about my niece and nephew who are the sweetest kids ever! Just wait until Lauren gets here....!!!

Love y'all-

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