Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Once again...today is another busy day for me. I had planned on getting out to run errands and wouldn't you know it is raining! So I started the morning at 5 am, dont ask me why I got up so early. I cooked my ground beef to make Chili (taking with me ti Canton, made brownies, done 2 loads of laundry and it is just 7 am! I think I might get some things accomplished today!! YEAH! I have to get my clothes together and put in the 5th wheel so we can get up tomorrow and leave for Canton. It is suppose to be NASTY, with sleet and freezing rain....I hope that Dodge can go in the sleet..pulling the 5th wheel none the less.

Ok so my news....Scarlet had her Dr appointment yesterday, she had her first physical exam, only to find out that she is dialated to 3cm and 50% thinned...the Dr said she thinks Lauren will not wait until the 27th. She thinks she might arrive a couple of weeks earlier! YEAH!! Well we all know that she will get here when she gets ready to make her appearance. We all are getting so anxious to meet her and show her just how much we already love the little one. I get emotional when I think about having a grandchild. Ok so now...I need everyone to say a quick prayer..this is the deal, I will be in Canton this weekend and come home 2 days and leave for OK City for a show. We will not be back until Feb 9th, I am keeping my fingers, legs and anything I can think of crossed that she doesn't arrive while we are in OK City, you all know how bad I want to be there when she arrives. SO PLEASE say a prayer....I know it is not about me, but, it would be so sad for Grancie to not make there.

I went out to the kids house on Sun to see what they got at their last shower which was Sat night. I helped them go through everything and Scarlet made her list of things she hasnt gotten she needs. So here is Lauren's Closet...this does not include her onesies or sleepers!! It is ashamed that she has as many clothes as her Grancie and she hasn't even made it into our world yet!! Also here is a picture of the nursery.

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  1. OMG....tell her to cross her legs too....

    One good things about it, is that it takes first time moms a little longer to have their first baby.
    Praying you make it...!