Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Load of Happy Birthdays!!

Well today is March 24, and today Lauren is 6 weeks old! I can't believe how fast she is growing. I saw her yesterday and she is really filling out, she is watching as you talk to her and following with her eyes with movement. Before we know it she will be grown. So here's a shout out to Lauren...Happy 6 weeks birthday!

Well on to older people.....as most of you know tomorrow is MY Birthday!! I am not going to tell how old I will be....let's just say old enough! I actually remember when I though the age I am going to be was OLD! Now thats a different story...it is a very young age!! So Happy Birthday to myself!!

Now, My only brother who is 4 years and 1 day younger than I...his birthday is on Thursday...So Happy Birthday to Rusty!! I bet you thought I was going to say how old he would be....ha ha...no such luck! I know he is feeling old...he says it all the time! I say age is just a number its all in how young you act!

I hope that the next few days are good ones, it has rained here most all day. When it does that it makes for a dreary old day. But I did go get my hair cut off today....it is short..and I love it. Makes me feel younger, Friday I am going back to get hi-lights. It is amazing to me that taking the time to get a fresh new look will make you feel so much better. Now if I could get back to getting this weight off....however I have started my walking CD's again...if I can just make it the 21 days that makes a habit I will be doing good!

Guess I better get off and get something done around this house...Obama is on and I really don't care to watch him tonight...tired of all this mess!

Happy Birthday to all!!

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