Thursday, April 9, 2009

So let me start off by saying it has been a while since I have been here as you can see! We have been busy, out of town and just been notified by my hubby...that he was getting worried I had post-partum depression!! Can you believe that! I know I have been down lately but post=partum depression!! Where is his mind!

We got to have our first babysitting outing on Tuesday night! James & Scarlet went to church for Passover and yes they let us keep Lauren. Stoney & I ventured out to there house to keep her and she was the sweetest little one ever. I held her as much as I could....she would look at me and just "Coo" She would smile and try her best to talk to me. I know she was saying Grancie lets go shopping...but I was under strict instructions that we could not leave the house! She was fine until around 9:10 and she decided she might be Stoney got to hold her while I heated her bottle. Needless to say she was crying a little, but he talked to her and calmed her was so sweet. So I got her bottle down her and she was ready for sleep, well her body was ready, but her mind says NO WAY STAY AWAKE, I MIGHT MISS SOMETHING! Yes she fights sleep just like her daddy did...I feel sorry for Scarlet. She would nearly dose off and jerk to wake herself up. She was not going to sleep, not if she could help it! So I walked around with her and then mommy and daddy came in...Mommy took her and she went right to sleep! All this and I forgot to take my camera with me, so no pics for this post!

We really enjoyed keeping her and look forward to many other times! I can't wait till she gets old enough to fill her with sugar and send her home!!! Just kidding kids!

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