Friday, February 13, 2009

News on Mom!!!

I am so relieved that words can't tell you how I feel...My mom has been taken off the ventilator!! I am jumping for excitement right now-and the good news is that she is holding her own (with the help of a Bypap machine). She seems to be coming out of this nightmare we have all been living in -it has been a week and half but it seems like several months.

Today she recognized my dad and she also knew her birthday-She also wanted to sit up and when asked if she would like her hair washed she shook her head yes! This is a day I have been dreaming would happen. The nurse also asked dad to bring moms dentures as she wanted to eat something soft....I understand it was a piece of cake! Mom when you get home we will bake you all the cakes you want-

I called dad and his spirits were pretty high today-you could hear the relief in his voice. He put the phone down to moms ear so I could talk to her-of course she couldnt talk back due to the by pap- but I told her I was laying on the sofa with Little Lauren on my chest-dad said she shook her head yes. I can't wait to get down there so I can see my mom and help my dad with the recovery process.

All I can say is that God does work miracles and he answers prayers

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